A View of Super InTent City

Photos below shared with permission of Pete Rockwell and Linzy Nelson. Thank you for documenting the community built at the former Super InTent City!

January 11 Press Conference

On January 8, 2016 residents of Super InTent City beside the Victoria court house were given a letter by the BC Ministry of Technology Innovation and Citizens’ Services with the “request” that they “leave courthouse lands.” In the letter the province makes the claim that there is a “new 24/7, 40-bed transition house… that can provide many of you with shelter, meals and other supports” and pressures tent city residents to urgently abandon the tent city and move into this shelter. Super InTent CityZens, community advocates, service providers, and researchers held a news conference on January 11th to speak out against the threatened displacement of the tent city implied by this letter from the province, and to reiterate that the support services the province offers are inadequate and do not compensate for the absence of affordable and appropriate housing. Below are pictures from the press conference.

February 25 Block Party and Rally

In February 2016 the BC government posted eviction notices at the camp asking that residents disperse by February 25th. Super InTent CityZens decided to throw a block party on that date to celebrate the camp’s resilience and perseverance in the face of countless obstacles. In the words of camp resident Joseph Reville, “Province rattles sword – We respond with hospitality”. People without housing and supporters from tent cities in Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, and the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver came over for the day to stand in solidarity with Super InTent CityZens. Below are pictures from the party and rally.

April 5 Court Decision

BC Supreme Court judge Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson ruled against the government and in favour of Super InTent City, refusing to grant an interim injunction to remove the camp’s residents. The decision is an important victory. Highlights of the decision are posted here. Below are some photos from the day.

We Take Care of our Home and Each Other

From photographer Pete Rockwell: “In response to meeting with fire, health, and police officials, the people who live in Victoria’s tent city have done much to create easy access and egress to the camp as well as clean up generally. These photos were taken on April 13 except for the first one which was taken earlier.”

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